Dave Hingerty - Session Drummer, Drum & Percussion Teacher, Photographer


Welcome to davehingerty.com.

The past year has been an exciting one for Daves Session Drumming, Teaching & Photography:

Session Drumming: Dave played in the national concert hall with an orchestra, backing Eddi Reader and Luka Bloom. Following that he spent 6 months touring the world with the oscar winning outfit, The Swell Season, playing each night to thousands in Europe, Australia (including 2 nights in the Sydney Opera House), New Zealand, Korea and the USA ( including the Grand Ol' Oprey, Nashville).

On The Swell Season tour Dave played at a festival with Frank Black of the Pixies, who said: "I watched you from the back of the stage for the whole show, and i really love your style... the way you switch so easily from leading with your left to leading with your right hand.. so cool!"

Dave also did recordings, shows and festivals at home, abroad and on television with Kila, Carol Keogh, and Gerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, amongst many others.

Teaching Drums: In the Meantime The Irish Drum Academy that Dave runs continues to grow with at least 55 students at anyone time. Dave personally designed the course and will be publishing the book and cd of the course shortly.

Photography: Dave continues to work with artists and bands doing shoots and album covers this year for Ann Scott, Eric Eckhart, Christof, and Deirdre Starr.

What They Said: "Hi Dave, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic job you did on my songs with the Blenn last week. I absolutely love everything you did and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed doing it. It shows! Thank you again, I couldn't be happier with it. The creativity and energy in the drums is just brilliant!" - Frances Garry Marnane.

"Eric Eckhart is a singer-songwriter. Nevertheless, he does not fall into the boring category. There are two reasons. The first is Dave Hingerty. Proving here ample power and class on drums. And not just with the strength zack moments like 'Better Way', a blue skirt with angled trumpet, or 'Open Up' that makes you think of the long-faded Rembrandt. Eric Eckhart is also in the more gentle, quiet moments on the strength of the drums - a big advantage over many of his colleagues". - A leading german music journalist.

Contact Dave if you would like to make an appointment to hire him as a session drummer, as a photographer or book a drum lesson.

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