Drum Teacher

Teaching and passing on drumming knowledge, concepts and skills is as important to Dave as his accomplised career in the music industry.

Dave Co-Founded The Irish Drum Academy in 1999 and registered it as a limited company in 2001. The academy has been at the pinnacle of providing top quality, unrivalled drumming lessons to Irelands drummers ever since.

As well as being known for his diversity & skills in the professional music industry in Ireland and abroad, Dave is also known for his highly developed teaching skills and his ability to communicate the most complex of beats in the simplest of manners.

Dave prides himself on not only his teaching skills, which range from teaching the complete beginner to the industry standard professional, but also the fact that he has overseen the creation of Irelands premier drum academy which feeds the Irish music industry with the high calibre of drum professionals that it needs. The Irish Drum Academy.