Side 4 Collective is a group of musicians brought together and produced by renowned drummer Dave Hingerty (Kila, The Frames, Glen Hansard, Paul Brady, Josh Ritter, Bronagh Gallagher). The idea was to create a new approach to music whereby Dave’s melodic and primal drum patterns are the first point of writing, and other artists were invited to experiment and record their uninhibited ideas to these beats (‘like throwing paint on canvas’ as Pete Townsend put it when he heard about the project). Artists were also encouraged to collaborate and add ideas to each other’s tracks.

This album, We Burn Bright, is the first of a series by the ‘Side 4 Collective’.

“A big thanks to Anthony Gibney who masterminded all the great sounds on the record. He recorded and mixed most of it and put endless hours work into it while I sat there beside him, eating sandwiches. Visit him at

Also a big thanks to Sarah McQuillan who patiently and lovingly created the Artwork and logos for the album and singles and endured my many changes of heart. You can visit her here at Facebook” – Dave


26.04.19 – “Cold Front” is Hot Press’ Track of the Day

“Cold Front” Playlist adds:
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10.09.18 – “Sand and Sails” in The Last Mixed Tape

25.07.18 – Dave is joined by Adam Marcello, Paul Noonan, Farah Elle, Naimee Coleman & Robbie Malone on live performances of “The Flood” & “Sand and Sails” on RTÉ Radio 1 Arena. Listen back here!

06.07.18 – “The Flood” is Hot Press Track of the Day!

“Freedom Will Come” is Side 4 Collective’s 4th single from the upcoming Album ‘We Burn Bright’ featuring Aminah and Khan. You can purchase/stream at Spotify, iTunes & more via this link.

This live version was filmed by Johnny Branagan and Linn Hansen and edited by Aldoc Productions with sound recorded by Alex Borwick at Sun Studios

Performed by:
Aminah Dalston – Vocals
Ruth Kennington – Piano
Sista Manu – Bass and Backing vocals
Dave Hingerty – Drums
Con O Laoghaire – Guitar

You can stream/purchase “Cold Front” at Spotify, iTunes & more via this link.

And check out the official video performed live here by Side 4 collaborators Carol Keogh, Dave Hingerty, Robbie Malone, Conor O Farrell Brady,Farah Elle & Cian Boylan. Recorded and Mixed by Alex Borowick at Sun Studios in Dublin. Cameras by John Branagan and Linn Hansen. Edited by Linn Hansen.

You can stream/purchase “Sand and Sails” at Spotify, iTunes & more via this link.

And check out the official video, filmed by Johnny Branagan & Linn Hansen, & edited by Aldoc Productions

You can stream/purchase “The Flood” at Spotify, iTunes & more via this link.

And check out the official video,
filmed & edited by Alan Doherty & Natalia C. Witkoska