“David Hingerty is an outstanding and well-known rock and role drummer.” and “Mr. Hingerty is by far one of the most influential percussionists in Europe.” – David O’Grady, Managing Director of Independent Records in Ireland

“He has created some of the most memorable drum tracks in the history of Irish music.” – Oona White, Studio Manager of Temple Lane Studios

“Mr. Hingerty is a first rate drummer…he is a fundamental and irreplaceable part of Josh’s (Ritter) music…one of the few who have risen to the top of his profession.” – Brian Crosby, Founding Member of the Irish band Bell X1

“Mr. Hingerty is an exceptional drummer, well known in the UK and Ireland.”
He goes on to discuss the relationship with well-known American artist Josh Ritter: “His success (gold-album status) in Ireland allowed him to record with a drummer of Mr. Hingerty’s reputation.” – Keith Cullen, Managing Director of Setanta Records, London, UK

“Dave Hingerty is a recognized and respected musician” – John Swift, Secretary of the Musicians Union of Ireland, affiliated with the International Federation of Musicians

“We were impressed by his abilities and hired him to be our main Yamaha drum demonstrator for drum clinics around the country…he is currently the judge in our nationwide Yamaha Irish Young Drummer of the Year Award”
Kevin Farrell, General Manager of Danfay Limited

“…superior abilities…Dave Hingerty has a well-deserved international reputation as an outstanding performing/recording drummer and educator.”
Eric Platz, Factually Teaching Artist for the University of Rhode Island, the University of Massachusetts, and Indian Hill Music Center

“Every band of importance in Dublin had worked directly or indirectly with Dave… his drumming is outstanding… he is a much sought after session musician.” – Peter Vamos, Program Director 92.1 Phantom FM Radio, Ireland

“Mr. Hingerty is an exceptional choice…he is clearly one of the leaders. There are several ‘radio songs’ that, I believe, would not have been possible without Mr. Hingerty’s unique musical contribution.” – Jim Olsen, President of Signature Sounds, USA, and DJ at WRSI radio station, MA

“Dave Hingerty is one of the most talented and reputable drummers in Ireland.” – Mark Spector, of The Mark Spector Company, manager of Joan Baez and Sinead Lohan

“As a drummer, Mr. Hingerty’s reputation preceded him; his discography is in many ways, a who’s who of the Irish music scene…some of the most impressive drum work of any album I’ve heard – Irish or American…he single-handedly raises the critical and musical bar of whatever he is working on.”
Darius Zelkha, manager of Josh Ritter

“His deep and unique talent was patently evident and pivotal throughout….”
Robbie Miller, Head of Business and Legal Affairs for ZTT

“One of the most extraordinary musicians…he is a drummer and percussionist of exceptional ability, creativity, sensitivity and musicality…the most sought-after drummer within Ireland and the U.K.”
Nick Kelly, a prominent Irish musical artist

“His skills as a recording artist are second to none…” – Mat May, Director of Entertainment Ireland

“He has achieved a degree of expertise that makes him a unique addition to any performing and recording artist.” – Bernadette Barrett, Manager of Mondo Music Management, London