Dave's many years spent in the music industry has seen him rise to be one of the industry's most respected drummers. This page highlights the many albums that Dave has worked on, from his own Side 4 collaboration with other artists, to his participation with Kila and The Frames and the many other musicians that he has worked with in the studio.

Dave absorbed in the moment while playing

We Burn Bright

Side 4 Collective

Song Of The Sea


Alive Beo


Suas Sios


Set List

The Frames

Dance The Devil

The Frames

For The Birds

The Frames

Hello Starling

Josh Ritter

In The Dark (Live)

Josh Ritter

The Animal Years

Josh Ritter

Unfinished Business

Paul Brady

Eleven Songs

Luka Bloom

Gather Your Greatness

Bronagh Gallagher

The Fool

Mark Geary

I See Three Birds Flying

Adrian Crowley

Some Blue Morning

Adrian Crowley

Mongrel City

Carol Keogh

Same Cloth Or Not

List O'Neill

Night Sky Blue

Niall Thomas


Nina Hynes

The Carnival Papers

Steve Reynolds

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